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Within this protocol we are going to identify our targets and goals for goal keepers, and as coaches this will consist of the following:


• To develop programs and projects that involve people socially through the sports.

• To develop a program that supports new ideas for goalkeepers.


• To develop the education inside of the sports with the intention of achieving the development of the indivudual and his/her expected behavior and time management.

• To develop the sports parciticipation rate. The goal of the practices is to contribute to the athletes leisure time, their social lives, their health, their education, and the environment they live in; 

• To develop a high level of the sport, following the protocol demonstrated by the national and international rules. The goal is to include people from different areas and origins.

• To develop the sport in a higher manner, due to the athletes are of younger ages. Part of the goal is to improve the quantity and quality of the sport. Also is important to consistently practice the sport regardless if they are practicing at a high; low level.


• To develop social programs and legislations that have education as its main priority, including every sport and level.

• To organize the main goalkeepers facility, evenmore, organize and prepare the equipment required by the sport.

• To organize competitions and tournaments.

• To develop programs that socially include people through the sport, by hosting events through families; participants and coaches.

• To develop programs that include people with special needs, giving them opportunities to be part of the team (goalkeepers practice)


• To organize an assigned segment for participants that want to practice as a goalkeeper.

• To develop cultural programs that encourage people to practice Olympic, non Olympic, and Paralympic sports.

• To improve programs, studies and researches related to the sport in various areas.

• To develop and improve programs related to sports and leisure.

• To develop and improve programs related to sports management.

• To encourage culture and the practice of all sports, promoting cultural events and sports events.

• To organize and participate of national and international competitions and events.

• To enhance and improve programs that support the sport.

• To develop and control cultural; sports and leisure stands within a given event.

• To develop specific workshops for the athlete’s development.

• To assist and support institutions that defend the social rights.


• To organize courses, speeches and workshops that relate to the sports development, whilst exploring its given areas.

• To create and develop internships and also studies, connecting with Universities, Junior Colleges, and Colleges.

• To develop experimental non profit models of production, giving people the opportunity to work.

• The goal is to integrate this with official programs of the government.

• To promote the volunteering job.

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